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At Sylvania Playland, we take fun to the next level with an array of exciting activities. Our environment is built specifically for your little ones to immerse themselves in. Check out what we have to offer below and let the fun begin!

Bounce & Play

We are the home of the biggest indoor playground in the Toledo area! We offer unlimited open play for kids ages 1 to 12, as long as they follow the posted rules and weight limits. Adults are not allowed on any of the equipment unless they are assisting a child.

You can always upgrade to a Combo or Unlimited Bounce after purchasing an hour of Bounce!

1-3 Years Old

Up to 1 Hour of Bounce: $9.00

Unlimited Bounce: $12.00

4-12 Years Old

Up to 1 Hour of Bounce: $12.00

Unlimited Bounce: $16.00

Mini Glow Golf

The ONLY indoor glow-in-the-dark mini golf course in NW Ohio! You have to see and play it to believe the incredible artwork. Explore sea, pirates, dinosaurs and magical beast all in one place!

You can always upgrade to a combo or unlimited golf after purchasing a round of Golf!

18 Hole Mini Golf

1 Round of Golf: $8.00

Unlimited Golf: $11.00

Bounce & Golf

Spend more time having fun and making memories by doing both of our main attractions. Our Unlimited Combos are sure to keep you busy all day long.

You can always upgrade to a Combo after buying just Bounce or Golf admission!

Bounce & Golf Combo

1 Hour of Bounce & 1 Round of Golf: $17.00

Unlimited Bounce & Golf: $22.00

Arcade & Food Bar

Feel free to grab a bite at our food and snack bar and try your gaming skills at the Arcade. We offer ice cream, candy, nachos, hot dogs, pretzels and bagged snacks to help you keep your energy up.


Arcade tokens: $.25

$5.00 BONUS when you buy $20 worth

Ice cream

Single Scoop: $3.00

Double Scoop: $5.00

Triple Scoop: $7.00

Toppings: $.50 each

Food & Snacks

Drinks: $2.00

Bagged Snacks: $1.50

Pretzels & Hot Dogs: $3.00

Nacho's: $3.50

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